My current writing set up uses Pro Tools 11 HD software with both the Avid OMNI IO HD Hardware and UA Quad 2 Duo to create musical soundscapes in any style for any project. For sound creation I use Vienna Ensemble Pro on an Apple Mac Pro networked to 2 other MacPro’s . Software by Native Instruments (Komplete Ultimate 8), Vienna Instruments,  Spectrasonics (Omnisphere, Trillian and Stylus), Rob Papen and Arturia Synths, AIR Instruments (Hybrid, Strike, Transfuser, Xpand2, Structure), Synthogy (Ivory 2). I also use a Moog Sub Phatty, Slim Phatty and Arturia mono analog synths.

Also Available DP4, Logic 9 and Ableton.

Sample Libraries (Partial List): Orchestral Libraries by Spitfire Audio, Vienna Instruments (Strings, Winds, Brass), Audiobro (LASS and LASS Con Sordino), Sonic Implants (Orchestral Winds, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Harp), Project Sam (Symphobia, True Strike 1 and 2, Harp, Sam Brass and Sam Solo), Cinesamples (Brass, Winds, Orchestra), EastWest (Multiple Play Libraries), Tonehammer, Symphonic Sphere, Berlin Winds, Toontrack (All Drum Libraries).

Audio-Plug Ins (Partial List): UAD (UAD 2 card), Nomad Factory ( Producers Pack and Magnetic 2), Waves (Diamond Bundle) Audio Ease ( Altiverb 7) Antares (Autotune) Lexicon (Reverb Plug In), Sonnox (Oxford Reverb Oxford Limiter), PSP (Vintage Warmer)

Outboard Gear: API 5500 EQ, JDK Compressor, JDK EQ, Grace Stereo Mic Pre, 2 Summit Tube Mic Pre, Audient Stereo Mic Pre, TLA Audio A2 Stereo Processor, VanAmps Reverbmate, Palmer PDI-03 Speaker Simulator, Focal and Genelec Speakers with a KRK Subwoofer. Studio Tuning By Steve Vavagiakis:

Microphone List (Partial) Neumann, SE Electronics, AKG, Audio Technica, Lauten, Shure, Cascade, ShinyBox.

Guitar List (Partial): Fender, Gibson, Reverend, PRS, Danelectro, Martin, Guild.

Bass List: Fender 54 P Bass Re-issue. Kingston MTD 4 String.

Guitar Amplification: Carr Amplifier, Orange, Mesa Engineering, Clark Amplifier, Vintage47, Marshall.

Live soloists can be recorded in a soundproofed treated room.