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Put together a playlist with some of the Network Sports Theme Songs i have composed over the past decade.

There are 17 tracks and you can scroll down using the handle on the right of the player. Enjoy!

Great review of The Road Him by Joseph Akins on the Mainly Piano website. You can read that here

Joseph’s latest album Castle Moon is an excellent solo piano album. You can find out more about that on his website


Yesterday i was part of a small ensemble that performed 3 songs by Paul Avgerinos and Deepak Chopra for an upcoming CD titled Home which is a collection of original poems and songs inspired by a diverse group of immigrants.
Eileen Sherman was the host and this was my view….








Note the Yamaha Music USA Reface CS I was using with Mainstage to create some ambient textures….


Very nice review of The Road Home up on . You can find it here


My song, Night City  from the album First Light   was added to this weeks Hearts Of Space episode (#1551) titled “Summer Visions, ambient atmospheres for the perfect summer”













The Road Home is up on

With a really nice page that can be seen here:


Official press release announcing The Road Home

Uploaded a playlist with all the current videos from The Road Home. That can be viewed here



Last night Mary Bartlein hosted a record release party on her fabulous program “Instrumental Saturday’s” on WMSE Radio. We talked for the entire 3 hour show and she played the entire The Road Home Album.

If you’d like to listen, the show is archived here


Thankful to have a “Take 3″ mix from The Road Home and Inner Circle up at the OneWorldMusic Website. This is a cool feature that focuses on 3 tracks by an artist.

The link for that is here  There are also links to other really cool artists that have the same feature there.

I am the artist of the week at Sleep Radio

Had a fabulous interview performance at WVKR.

on Scott Raymond’s fabulous Secret Music radio program.

A video for the performance been posted up on my Youtube channel




Very nice review of The Road Home at Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Peter uses strong undercurrents of strings and synthesizer against his heavenly piano to wrap your soul in delicious visions of brilliant starlit skies”


Ernst And Young using my song Open Your Heart to promote their Gender Parity campaign



The Road Home is now available for ‘pre order’ on iTunes and Amazon.

The link for iTunes is here

The link for Amazon is here

Both sites have a discount for pre ordering.

Physical CD’s will be available at CDBaby on 7-1-17.

A video for the song Morning Dove has been posted up on my Youtube channel



Been a very busy year so far. My song, “Open Your Heart”, From the album First Light was licensed by Ernst And Young to promote their global young women’s empowerment initiative. The spots aired on ABC TV for several weeks. In January, I scored several short Biopics for ESPN’s coverage of the Special Olympics Winter World Games.

I am currently scoring a 60 minute documentary that will be broadcast in May 2017. That’s all i can say about it now. More info to follow.

And the big news. My next release, The Road Home, is scheduled for release on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby on 7/1/17. A 10 song album filled with original ambient, orchestral and contemporary instrumental music.


A downloadable playlist of recent piano compositions. Enjoy!



Solo piano piece i wrote with some neoclassical and stride influences:

That performance is downloadable from soundcloud.

10/4/16 Recently put together a playlist with some of my network sports themes



9/18/16    aREVIEWlution, a website about Filmmakers and Filmmaking  run by Michelle Cross will be using my song “Open Your Heart” from my album First Light as the Theme Song for their interviews.

You can learn more here


It’s been a while since the last update. I took a 10 week road trip this summer across the USA and spent time in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. It was an amazing adventure.

While I was away some good stuff happened.

First Light won Best Piano With Instrumentation in the One World Music Radio Awards 2015 show that happened in June.

There was a great field of 10 albums nominated. For more information you can go here

Also the ESPN Special Olympics World Games Theme that i wrote last year was a 2016 Finalist Award Winner in the “Best Music/Lyrics” category  at the New York Festivals

which is an “international awards competition for the world’s best work”. You can find more information here.



This weekend is the Zone Music Reporter Awards. First Light has been nominated for Best Album, Piano With Instrumentation.

Heading down to New Orleans for the event












Working on several projects for ESPN.

The Invictus Games. May 8- May 12, 2016. I wrote the theme song that ESPN is featuring on their broadcast. I also scored several of the sort biopics on the athletes.

Here is the final mix of the Theme Song

Also finishing up a 60 minute film on Ruthie Bolton.



1/14/16  Please enjoy a video montage from this years Kennedy Center Honors with my music score.

1/2/16  Happy New Years. just want to share the news that i have signed with Yamaha to become a Yamaha Endorsed Artist.

Thanks so much to Yamaha.  From the DX7 i purchased in 1984 thru to the CP4 digital keyboard that is my studio controller and the DC7 Conservatory Grand Piano i play,  I have used many of their great products  for years in music making.




12/14/15  I am the featured artist this week at World Exposure with Cher Dial on KFAI radio. You can hear that on the web here


12/12/15  You can tune in tonight to “Instrumental Saturdays” on WMSE, Milwaukee hosted by Mary Bartlein. I’ll be a guest artist for the entire 3 hour show playing music from First Light and some of my Film/TV Music

You can stream that at

Or if this is afterwards, the show can be streamed/downloaded at the WMSE archives here



I am the “Featured Artist” this month at Enlightened Piano Radio.

Featured here


The Kennedy Centers Honors Ceremony is tonight, 12/6/15.

I scored the biopics for 3 of the honorees, George Lucas, Seiji Ozawa and Rita Moreno.

You can read more about the honors here.

You can hear the scores here:




12/3/15  First Light has debuted on several radio charts. 

For the ZoneMusicReporter, it came in at #4 for the month of October

At Enlightened Piano Radio, it was #2

At One World Music Radio  It entered the top 100 at #12

Thanks so much to all the broadcasters supporting the album.




11/11/15  First Light is featured at One World Music Radio on the Album Show.

Chrissie, Steve and I  talk about and play every track  on the album.

The show is archived here:

The Album Show feat Peter Calandra and First Light by One World Music on Mixcloud


11/8/15  Very nice review of First Light  and interview at Music Web. 

You can read it  here


10/22/15 Enjoy this photomontage of New York City set to the song “Night City” from my 2015 album: “First Light“.
Music, Photography and Videography by Peter Calandra
Video Edited by Ray Conley, Brave Dog Productions




10/19/15 Live performance as part of the Enlightened Piano Concert Series in Weill Hall @Carnegie Hall on

Saturday 10/24/15. I’m slated to go on at 1 pm and will be sharing the bill with many other great artists.



10/17/15 First Light already getting airplay in Europe with Radio Despi in Spain spinning 3 tracks on this weeks show.

You can stream the entire episode that also has great tracks by other artists here


Also a wonderful review at You can read that review here


10/6/15  The radio campaign for First Light started this past weekend with airplay

on radio stations in Nebraska, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


9/25/15  Great review of “First Light” By Kathy Parsons @


9/21/15 The story behind “First Light”:



First Light   Official Video online for viewing


Edited by Ray Conley





Another nice  pre release review of First Light by Michael Diamond over at  Music and Media Focus.

You can read that  here


“Each composition is exquisite, yet just as impressive as the overall piece, is the attention to the smallest details heard on closer listening.


I don’t know how many “wow” moments I had throughout the album, but they were numerous. Peter’s skills in arranging are among the best I’ve heard.”


Great pre release review of First Light by Dick Metcalf over at Improvijazzation Nation. You can read that here

“On his latest effort, to be released in September, 2015, you will be (quite simply) astounded,

as you are left with memories

of compositions

like the 4:09 title track “First Light“ ”



Tune in to ESPN for coverage of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. I composed quite a bit of music for the broadcast including the theme song.

You can preview a playlist of several of the tracks i composed including the theme song here.



here is a link to the FOX Sports Sizzle reel featuring the WC Theme. That can be seen here



This last week has seen the launch of FOX Sports coverage of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and also marked the debut of the

WC Theme song I composed in collaboration with Scott Schreer and Chris Woods for FOX Sports.

The track has gotten good notice, especially here: Coverage Review

“The network’s new theme music for international matches is a slam-dunk too, and has the chance to reach iconic status over the next decade.”



A couple of nice reviews of Inner Circle

One on the Rajman’s blog here

One on a Spanish publication here

My favorite translated line from this one:

“where the beauty and harmony of the piano becomes the protagonist”



Happy New Years!

Inner Circle came in at #23 on the Zone Music Reporters Top 100 Airplay Chart for 2014!  Pretty happy with this as there were 2300 releases reported last year.

You can look at the chart here



It’s looking like FOX Sports has decided to go with my theme song for it’s Soccer Coverage starting next year. This would be all the Men’s and Women’s World Cup,  European Leagues and Tourneys as well as USA pro soccer.

You can here the demo @ FOX World Cup Theme



Nice interview over at Arena. That can be found here


8/25/14 Lots happening over the last week.

Inner Circle comes in #16 in this months ZMR top 100 radio airplay, off the top 10 from last month.

Inner Circle again the number 1 airplay album on Music Choice Soundscapes channel for July.

2 months in a row at #1.


Great review by RJ Lannan of Inner Circle on the ZMR homepage. That can be found here

“I Always expect the unexpected when it comes to listening to music. I was not prepared for the dramatic, intricate and sophisticated style of pianist and composer Peter Calandra on his latest work called Inner Circle”


Great review on Higher Plain Music. That can be found here

“There’s some lovely music here and some heartfelt moments that Peter really pushes to the front of the album”


Great write up/ interview of Ashokan Memories on Michael Diamond’s site. That can be found here

“In the well-populated field of solo piano albums, Peter Calandra has created a recording that stands out not only for his virtuoso playing, but for the not-as-often-heard jazz influences he brings to the music”
Got two tracks placed as open and close theme for a new show on FOX Sports titled Fantasy Football Uncensored.

The tracks are here

Wrote a new theme song for Geico SportsNite on SNY here in NYC. That track can be heard here


8/7/14 Composing the score to a really cool stop animation film The Halloween Pranksta


8/2/14   Inner Circle third month in the ZoneMusicReporter top 100 airplay charts. Coming in at #6, second month in the top 10.

see that here


8/1/2014 Inner Circle the #1 current album for June on the Music Choice “Soundscapes” channel.


7/21/14 Great review from Mark Weber on his music blog.

“It is not everyday I find instrumental music that has such an emotional impact.”

You can read the rest of the review here


7/14/14  Inner Circle has been in steady rotation on Sirius/XM Spa Channel and MusicChoice Soundscapes Channel.


7/12/14  You can read my blog post on composing theme songs for sports programming at the DIY Musician site on CDBaby. That can be read here


6/25/14  Inner Circle has  come in at the #4 position in the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart for May 2014: ZMR Chart


6/12/14 a new review of Inner Circle by Jared Wolf  here

““The Dreamer” is aptly composed and performed with the haziness and disorienting sense of time that its name demands, and is, by the end of its six minutes, a religious experience.”



Some  reviews of Inner Circle.

Middle Tennessee Music  here

“Each of these 13 compositions stands as it’s own masterpiece. Weaving in and out of soothing, captivating, and enchanting frequencies; the journey through Peter’s Inner Circle is one of grace and elegance.”


Wildy’s World here

“Peter Calandra shows incredible depth and range in composition on Inner Circle. In Inner Circle, Calandra has created a vibrant collection of original instrumental works that should win him many awards.”


Kathy Parson’s site here

“The most remarkable thing about this album is that Calandra is so comfortable with and adept at such a broad spectrum of musical styles that range from classical to jazz to pop and fusion.”


Good Vibes Music Reviews here

“Calandra has set up his compositions in ways that make them sound like deep, lofty conversations between his piano and stringed instruments. He is able to take the listener on extravagant highs and plummeting lows through the beautiful work he creates with his instruments.”


New Age Music Reviews here

“The album ranges from classic, jazz, Cuban and more. Calandra improvises, he composes and he finds the best medium for his musical voice whether that is a fellow artist or his own tremendous talent at the keyboard. Just make sure you check out this album. It is worth every star in the sky

and more…”

Che’s Music Reviews here

“the only avenue truly worthy of the sound is a feature motion picture”


4/13/14 F

First full review of my upcoming album “Inner Circle” by Michael Diamond on his Music And Media Focus site. Read the review here.

The album is scheduled for release on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon 5/1/14.



Posted the entire score to my most recent film project, 41 on 41 as a playlist on my soundcloud  page.

The link is here



Very nice interview by Callum Nicholls on the Battle Royal With Cheese website



Great review/interview of Ashokan Memories by Tom Lohrmann on his music blog.

this is an absolutely outstanding collection of compositions here created by an incredibly talented performer and composer. It is downright fantastic what Calandra can do with only a piano and no supporting instrumentation; the products of his muse are so creative and so thorough, with everything fleshed-out to its full extent.”

Read the entire review here



Skype video interview by Cher Dial on World Exposure.

My segment starts at about 15 minutes into the show.



Nice interview by Emmet Cooke in Film And Game Composers online magazine.



Nice interview by Neal Heart here: Champion Magazine



Happy New Years!

Feature interview with Cher Dial on World Exposure here



Featured on the Jazz Music Blog



Here is a link for a youtube video:  Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway – Garret Booker



Tonight during the ACC Championship game between Florida St and Duke on ABC starting @ 8:15,

the “Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway – Garret Booker” short film I scored will be airing after the first quarter.



Nice interview by G.W. Hill @ MusicStreetJournal



Created a new page here with a listing of TV placements of my music ( does not include theme songs):

Television Placements



A few more reviews of Ashokan Memories:

Mark Weber Music Blog

“Peter’s music did something music rarely does– it made me weep. Not cry. Weep. A good weep. That piano music is profound. I tweeted him saying listening to him play piano is like hearing God say “I love you.” Thank you so much for letting me know about this heartfelt artist. -Mark”


Wildy’s World

“The occasional Vince Guaraldi influence is here, but Calandra himself is an original.  Calandra follows his muse, never boxing himself into tired themes or rote musical loops.  Ashokan Memories is one of the finest collections of original piano music of 2013.”



The Celebrity Cafe is running a contest until 10/24/13 to win an autographed copy of  my current CD: “Ashokan Memories”.

There will be 5 total winners!

Please enter the contest here:


A few more very nice reviews of Ashokan Memories:



very nice review of my CD, Ashokan Memories: