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New Release:

Inner Circle

5/1/14 release on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon

iTunes link here

CDbaby link here

Amazon link here

7/21/14 Great review from Mark Weber on his music blog.

“It is not everyday I find instrumental music that has such an emotional impact.”

You can read the rest of the review here

7/14/14  Inner Circle has been in steady rotation on Sirius/XM Spa Channel and MusicChoice Soundscapes Channel.

7/12/14  You can read my blog post on composing theme songs for sports programming at the DIY Musician site on CDBaby. That can be read here

6/25/14  Inner Circle has  come in at the #4 position in the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart for May 2014: ZMR Chart

6/14/14 CNN is broadcasting a film on Sunday June 15th, 41on41 that i composed the music score for.

for more info please visit: 41on41

6/12/14 a new review of Inner Circle by Jared Wolf @indiemunity.com  here

““The Dreamer” is aptly composed and performed with the haziness and disorienting sense of time that its name demands, and is, by the end of its six minutes, a religious experience.”


Some  reviews of Inner Circle.

Middle Tennessee Music  here

“Each of these 13 compositions stands as it’s own masterpiece. Weaving in and out of soothing, captivating, and enchanting frequencies; the journey through Peter’s Inner Circle is one of grace and elegance.”

Wildy’s World here

“Peter Calandra shows incredible depth and range in composition on Inner Circle. In Inner Circle, Calandra has created a vibrant collection of original instrumental works that should win him many awards.”

Kathy Parson’s site here

“The most remarkable thing about this album is that Calandra is so comfortable with and adept at such a broad spectrum of musical styles that range from classical to jazz to pop and fusion.”

Good Vibes Music Reviews here

“Calandra has set up his compositions in ways that make them sound like deep, lofty conversations between his piano and stringed instruments. He is able to take the listener on extravagant highs and plummeting lows through the beautiful work he creates with his instruments.”

New Age Music Reviews here

“The album ranges from classic, jazz, Cuban and more. Calandra improvises, he composes and he finds the best medium for his musical voice whether that is a fellow artist or his own tremendous talent at the keyboard. Just make sure you check out this album. It is worth every star in the sky and more…”

Che’s Music Reviews here

“the only avenue truly worthy of the sound is a feature motion picture”

4/13/14 F

First full review of my upcoming album “Inner Circle” by Michael Diamond on his Music And Media Focus site. Read the review here.

The album is scheduled for release on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon 5/1/14.



Posted the entire score to my most recent film project, 41 on 41 as a playlist on my soundcloud  page.

The link is here



Very nice interview by Callum Nicholls on the Battle Royal With Cheese website



Great review/interview of Ashokan Memories by Tom Lohrmann on his music blog.

this is an absolutely outstanding collection of compositions here created by an incredibly talented performer and composer. It is downright fantastic what Calandra can do with only a piano and no supporting instrumentation; the products of his muse are so creative and so thorough, with everything fleshed-out to its full extent.”

Read the entire review here


Skype video interview by Cher Dial on World Exposure.

My segment starts at about 15 minutes into the show.



Nice interview by Emmet Cooke in Film And Game Composers online magazine.



Nice interview by Neal Heart here: Champion Magazine



Happy New Years!

Feature interview with Cher Dial on World Exposure here



Featured on the Jazz Music Blog



Here is a link for a youtube video:  Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway – Garret Booker



Tonight during the ACC Championship game between Florida St and Duke on ABC starting @ 8:15,

the “Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway – Garret Booker” short film I scored will be airing after the first quarter.



Nice interview by G.W. Hill @ MusicStreetJournal



Created a new page here with a listing of TV placements of my music ( does not include theme songs):

Television Placements



A few more reviews of Ashokan Memories:

Mark Weber Music Blog

“Peter’s music did something music rarely does– it made me weep. Not cry. Weep. A good weep. That piano music is profound. I tweeted him saying listening to him play piano is like hearing God say “I love you.” Thank you so much for letting me know about this heartfelt artist. -Mark”

Wildy’s World

“The occasional Vince Guaraldi influence is here, but Calandra himself is an original.  Calandra follows his muse, never boxing himself into tired themes or rote musical loops.  Ashokan Memories is one of the finest collections of original piano music of 2013.”



The Celebrity Cafe is running a contest until 10/24/13 to win an autographed copy of  my current CD: “Ashokan Memories”.

There will be 5 total winners!

Please enter the contest here:



A few more very nice reviews of Ashokan Memories:






very nice review of my CD, Ashokan Memories: